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Leadership is tough. Now more than ever. To compete in today’s marketplace, leaders can no longer avoid issues of justice. But the landscape often feels fractured and confusing, filled with complex cultural landmines that can threaten the health and success of their companies.

If you’re a leader, where should you start?

If you don’t have the skill and understanding to wade into these messy waters, you—and your company—will be left behind. To be great, you must know how to be just.

The good news is, God offers a powerful vision for what it looks like to pursue justice. One not motivated by guilt or shame or the ways you have fallen short, but one which inspires you to use all of what you have so that everyone wins … including you. .

That’s what this book is all about—equipping leaders, particularly business leaders, to be just. The principles in this book work. They’ve made businesses and communities change for the better. And they can make you, your business, and your community thrive.

“This is an insightful must-read for any business leader who wants to have a meaningful impact. It provides the needed foundations to navigate the cultural complexities of today’s world with a refreshing and centered perspective while avoiding the traps of moral posturing. The message is both clear and simple and layered and complex: Seek justice, and the city will rejoice.”

— Timothy J. Spence, CEO, BSA LifeStructures

“For those leaders who want to do more than create a successful business or organization—the ones who set out to make wrong things right wherever they find them, who have the courage to tackle the human issues that go beyond the job description—David Spickard is the humble, thoughtful guide you need.” 

— Ross Chapman, CEO, Denver Institute for Faith & Work

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