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In 2017, David Spickard started 11 Ten Leadership with a bold vision-to transform companies and their communities by helping leaders to thrive. 

Having worked with hundreds of leaders across the country through his work with Jobs for Life, David saw first hand that when leaders aren’t thriving, the impacts on their people, companies, and communities can be devastating.

11 Ten Leadership’s first clients were leaders who were burnt out. The culture at their companies had deteriorated, and they needed a new type of vision for their leadership. 

By developing tools like the THRIVE Assessment, David and his team were able to get to the root issues impeding a company’s culture and chart a clear path forward–one that starts with the leader

Through this holistic approach, the 11 Ten team has helped clients elevate their leadership, transform their company’s culture and become agents of blessing in their communities. 

Why 11 Ten Leadership?

11 Ten Leadership’ name is inspired by a proverb found in the Old Testament which says “When the righteous prosper, the city rejoices.” 

The “righteous” being described here aren’t the self-righteous, but leaders of power and influence who steward their resources in such a way that everyone around them thrives. And when these kinds of people prosper, the whole city rejoices.

The picture here is a wild celebration - one in which the whole city from the richest of the rich to the poorest of the poor are dancing wildly in the streets. People simply can’t contain themselves.  Why? 

Because the “righteous” are prospering. They are stewarding their power, wealth, and influence to help everyone win. And everyone means everyone

At 11 Ten Leadership, we believe the world needs more Proverbs 11:10 leaders. Are you ready to elevate your leadership towards this kind of vision? 

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