The Just Leader

Available January 2024

Leadership is tough. Now so more than ever. With growing racial unrest, economic inequality, political divisiveness, and calls for diversity, equity, and inclusion, leaders no longer can avoid issues of justice. These issues are particularly becoming more prevalent in the marketplace requiring business leaders to navigate complex cultural landmines that can threaten the health and success of their companies. If these leaders don’t have the skill and understanding to wade into these messy waters, they and their companies will be left behind. To be great, they must know how to be just.

Written from a Biblical worldview, The Just Leader details 4 Qualities of a Just Leader - See the Whole Playing Field, Build Cultural Competency, Give Power Away, and Take Bold, Courageous Action - resulting from David Spickard’s long history of combating poverty and joblessness in underserved communities across the U.S. and leading cohorts of CEOs and executive leaders to learn how to be just. By diving into these four qualities, The Just Leader provides a roadmap that bridges the gap between faith & work, leadership, and justice to help business leaders chart a way forward, challenging all of us to become the leaders of justice that God intended—so that everyone (yes, actually everyone) wins.

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